Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hergert Numbers & the Bronze Fonz

No trip to Milwaukee is complete without a visit to the Bronze Fonz.

I don't know how you celebrate Easter, but around the Hergert household we like to load up on as much really fattening Wisconsin-style cuisine as we can stuff into our digestive systems, go to a pop-punk concert, and then hunt down a local landmark for a Hergert Numbers photo op. It just happened that All Time Low and Yellowcard were playing on Good Friday at The Rave in Milwaukee, so we were all set for a weekend of music and gorging ourselves. It would have been a Great Friday had we not missed half of the Yellowcard set, but they weren't going to be playing long anyway. Although we weren't the oldest people in attendance, we were probably the oldest people not dragged there by teeny-boppers anxious to see how many bras Jack would have dangling from his microphone stand by the end of the show.

As for the artery clogging, we started with burgers at Sobelman's Pub & Grill which seats about 80 people and is about the size of a typical family room. They reportedly have the best burgers in Milwaukee (go to if you're in doubt) and they didn't disappoint. The jumbo shrimp torpedos were a great lead in to Mrs. HN's Sobelman burger (hold the jalapenos) and my Loser burger. Then, Saturday morning, we further increased our chance of heart attacks with breakfast at The Original Pancake House (although not the original Original Pancake House). To top it off, we ate dinner at Kopp's and finished with tiramisu frozen custard. We may not eat again until Memorial Day.

In between, we found time to wander down to the shores of the mighty Milwaukee River to snap a photo with the statue of Arthur Fonzarelli known as The Bronze Fonz before heading back to the Milwaukee Public Museum for a trip through the Mummies of the World exhibit and a matinee of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I on the IMAX screen. I'm sure my review of the mummy exhibit will show up soon on their celebrities page.

Well, that's the latest Hergert Numbers t-shirt sighting. Keep those photos coming and spread the word!

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