Friday, February 25, 2011

Hergert Numbers & the Calculus Dog!

Last night, Dr. Tim Pennings of Hope College in Michigan stopped by Beloit College to give a talk titled "Do Dogs Know Calculus?" where he told the story of Elvis, his 10-year old Welsh Corgi, and his natural tendency to mimic a well-known Calculus exercise while playing fetch in Lake Michigan.

And, of course, the Hergert Numbers were there to see it all! Here's Elizabeth Meena with Tim & Elvis after the presentation. Elizabeth's shirt caught the attention of several audience members. There was some talk of getting Elvis his own Hergert Numbers doggie sweater, but I'm not sure we can get the full definition on there since he's not all that big. I'll have to talk to the folks at Tom Harmer's (the current makers of the t-shirts).

Today, Elvis is off to Madison Area Technical College for another presentation of his fabulous skills. With all of the media attention on the state capitol in Madison these days, we just need to get Elvis to the protests wearing a Hergert Numbers shirt and we'll have national exposure for sure!