Saturday, July 21, 2012

Hergert Numbers in the Windy City

I realized earlier this week that it's been a ridiculously long time since I updated this page. I've been putting all my focus into Facebook & Twitter lately. But yesterday my wife & I took the train into Chicago and I couldn't resist wearing my Hergert Numbers shirt.

The main purpose of our visit was to go to the Chicago History Museum which we tried to catch a couple years ago but we ran out of time in our day back then. The picture above is from the "Facing Freedom" exhibit which explores ways that fighting for freedom has shaped US history. You could take your picture and have it become part of a display that would change the picture every 5 seconds or so throughout the day. I had to do mine twice since I was standing too close the first time so you could only see "rgert Numbe" and "EAD THE WO" on my shirt.

If you go to the Hergert Numbers Facebook page, you'll see a few other pictures from the museum.

Later on, we ventured down Michigan Avenue to take in the sights and sounds of absurdly high-priced merchandise. One of the best places to find such merch is Crate & Barrel. While meandering about the store, a clerk came up and asked about my shirt. I gave him the 30-second layman's version of the story and he seemed satisfied. Apparently, he couldn't think of anything "mathy" to say, so he told me about a customer he once had named Jessica Neptune who had recently completed her doctorate in history at the University of Chicago. He actually remembered what her research was about, so I'm really hoping he'll remember something about Hergert Numbers to share the next time someone with a math shirt comes into his store. That's what spreading the word is all about!